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If you want to learn the German language as a second language, you will need to go to Germany to learn the language altogether. That's what they do back when there's no internet, back when accessibility is difficult. Nowadays, if you want to learn the German language or even other languages for that matter, one click is all it takes.

Learning another language may take time but it would really depend also on the student. What you should really be asking is how you can learn and retain the foreign words that initially sound gibberish the first time you encounter them on the newspaper, from the radio or overheard from a foreigner down town.

Words like Guten Morgen, Guten Tag and Auf Wiederstein are common German words and you may have heard them from interesting movies or animated cartoons. But, think about this. When you overheard those German words, what picture immediately comes to mind? Is it an image of a funny looking talking creature from an animated cartoon hit? Or is it more like a picture of family singers?

As you may have observed, each memory that we have is always associated with a distinct event, character, persons and places. We may have forgotten the date when it happened but surely not the details associated with the event. This would naturally mean that we can learn instinctively whatever memory we can make out of the German words.

You can learn the German language for different purposes but the way of learning it is rooted to a single method. Linking the words to a picture is the best way to go. There are other ways too to be able to memorize a foreign language, in this case, German. We'll make the word thumb from the English language translated to der Daumen in German as examples on how to use link words for memorization.

A lot of strangers lose their thumbs in attempting to visit the domain of the Thumb king. Try to picture the sentence and analyze how easy it is for you to remember the two words in less then two minutes. The key here is when our memory pictures out interesting scenario or characters, the mind retains distinctive details and in this case, the words thumb and der Daumen are the key points.

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