Do You Know Cutting Principle of Diamond Circular Saw Blades

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No matter the types of raw materials which have been cut with diamond circular saw blades, there would be changes on the diamond tools cutting parts, and when being used for cutting stone raw materials such as marble and granite, there would be other prominent features, and I am sure it is obvious to find these changes.

Nowadays in the processing industry, diamond circular saw blade is widely used because of its high performance, however, when being asked about the influence factors including direct influence factors and indirect influence factors, can you give the right reply? All these influence factors are introduced in following article here.

Firstly, the different physical performances of different materials, as is know to all, even the stone raw materials but different types such as sandstone, marble and so on, they have different physical performances, for example, the different sizes of particles and their different strengths.

Secondly, the force between diamond circular saw blades and cutting materials, please not to neglect this factor because final cutting performance would be affected by this factor.

Thirdly, when being used to cut stone raw materials, you also have to consider the tension distributed in them, and as usual, different tension conditions with different stones inside.

Fourthly, the cutting tools' temperature when touching them because of the high cutting temperature under such condition, along with the elasticity of plastics cutting raw materials, it is easy to be out of shape.

In addition, you have to consider three types of force of friction, for example, the force of friction between diamond and stone raw materials, the force of friction between stone raw materials and the matrix, the force of friction between cutting crumbs and the matrix. During the cutting process, at the front part of diamond particles, such tension would be resulted by tangential force, and in such cutting zone, cutting crumbs will be produced because of the drawing force and pressure, and this pattern would be formed at the original phases, you will notice that at both the front part of groove and the diamond particles, cutting crumbs are likely to be overflown.

At the same time, because of the stone raw materials' flexibility, cutting tension would be increased to its maximum value, above all, it will reach up to the minimum cutting, and the material which has been cut would be likely to be out of shape because of the high pressure from diamond circular saw blades.
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