Ho"oponopono - How Can it Help You Succeed Using the Law of Attraction?

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You may have heard of the Law of Attraction and that when we focus on what we want to create it helps to draw it to us.
In fact, the more we are able to concentrate with great power and emotion on feeling as though our goals and dreams have ALREADY been accomplished, the more Law of Attraction can work on our behalf.
So, how can Ho'oponopono help us use the Law of Attraction even more powerfully for success and personal peace and happiness? The missing puzzle piece for many who have tried working with the Law of Attraction and been frustrated when it seems like it just doesn't work is that most of us have so many unconscious and subconscious limiting beliefs that give us conflicting messages about whether we deserve or are capable of really handling the achievement of our goals and dreams.
Most of the time, we are not even actually aware of these hidden, sabotaging beliefs! However, because of these negative beliefs we are unaware of, every time we affirm our new positive goals or dreams, it's like a knee-jerk reaction that our inner voice argues with us and cancels out our positive affirmations.
In my own spiritual quest over the past 20 or so years, learning about the Law of Attraction and other universal laws and how we create our own reality was at first a very scary and disturbing revelation.
I was so used to feeling like a victim and a martyr -- blaming other people and the circumstances of my life for all of my problems -- I did not like the idea of feeling responsible for everything in my own life (much less in the world) that was making me unhappy...
NOT one bit! However, as time went by and after reading many books, taking some intense personal development workshops, and participating in non-traditional spiritual communities such as a Unity Church and a Spiritualist Church, I came to understand that owning responsibility for all that I experience in my life is actually a much more POWERFUL way to live.
The power lies in the fact that (even though I have unwittingly created the things and life circumstances and events that I don't like in the first place) I AM the one who has the ability to CHANGE things by clearing up and eliminating my false negative inner beliefs, the best that I can.
I have tried many spiritual practices along my journey to work on doing that, including spiritual healing, meditation, energy therapies like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), and more.
I finally found one spiritual practice that is very simple and effective -- Ho'oponopono.
Although it has a strange-sounding Hawaiian name, I really love Ho'oponopono for its simplicity and effectiveness! A simplified explanation of Hawaiian Ho'oponopono is that it helps us "clean" or eliminate all our negative, limiting unconscious and subconscious beliefs that have come to exist during our lifetime (even in our time spent within the womb before our birth).
It also eliminates issues stemming from our ancestral and racial memories as well as our past life experiences! Best of all, it is a easy process to work into our everyday life! One of the easiest "Ho'oponopono cleaning tools" to work with is a simple affirmation or mantra to be repeated (out loud or even simply within) when we notice something that is causing a negative reaction within us: "I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you!" There are many other Ho''oponopono cleaning tools, but this is the most basic and simple to use.
Since applying the Ho'ponopono technique, I have experienced many gradual yet significant improvements in my overall well being, my financial situation, and the accomplishment of my goals.
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