The Ultimate Power In Being Negative

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I know I been telling you over and over again that being positive is the way, the only way to create lasting happiness and growth and that negative thoughts aren't
Before you begin getting judgemental on my own conviction and beliefs get a bit curious first? OK? :-)

Negativity, I propose to you to use as a tool. A choice to create pain to motivate a positive change, I recall years ago when I was a whopping 330 pounds I actually broke the toilet seat at a friends home, I was so embarrassed and refused to leave it alone even though my friend understood and excused me for it I wouldn't leave it be I used that pain to deeply move me to take action to lose that fat I was needlessly carrying around

What would happen if you put salt in your wounds, wounds that need that added pain, that inflammation to bring about positive change?

Negativity is a choice and NOT a standard
A tool that we must selectively use to stimulate ourselves and others, not more than 5 percent of the time, mind you! Its a proactive focal point for change
More power and may negatives create change in your lives as well

Take these steps to focus on positive things in your life-
Go on a mental diet- take a 7 day challenge to live your life with out negative thoughts... not that u won't have bad thoughts... I mean don't hold onto them, change them or don't speak them.. think: "what I really meant is this or that " do this when u have a bad negative thought, change that thought to the better.

Hey! don't commit to this 7 day mental challenge quickly, think about it a while.. it isn't easy to do! because be certain something very negative is going to occur in the middle of the seven days, it always does ha-ha! it is just God's way of testing your conviction! but here is what I promise you is if all I do is rant and rave on this blog and you don't do anything else I suggest try this challenge because it will change your life! As it did mine, in the beginning I thought I can't be one those people who walked around like everything was great when it wasn't,after all that's denial but then I thought about it and realized I can be positive about the solutions, not the problems! I can easily focus on the solutions to any problem or solution in turning around any negative person for situation before me at any time!

Here is the catch- you must do these 7 days in a row to achieve real life altering effect and if you fail you must go back to the beginning and repeat the seven days until you complete seven consecutive days-Do this mental diet and I guarantee it will change not only your perception but also your friends, coworkers, loved ones and family's way they see you and react to you will never be the same, they will love to be with you and around you more than ever
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