Can Focusing Help When I Sometimes Feel Locked Into the Past?

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Although I feel comfortable with myself, I sometimes feel locked into the past and remain unhealed with certain things or issues.
I would like to find a way were I am grounded in my body and supported by my environment, but I have trouble at times with my felt sense or I don't always recognise a felt sense as such, when it comes.
When I practice Focusing all seems fine, as I am aware of my felt sense and changes are established.
Therefore I would like to get a deeper understanding of my felt sense and know how to recognise them on a day to day basis rather than wait until I am Focusing.
It sounds like you are doing very well with your Focusing.
When you practise Focusing all seems fine; you are aware of your felt sense and changes are established.
Well done! You would like to get a deeper understanding of your felt senses and know how to recognise them day to day.
This takes practice.
Rather like strengthening a muscle; when you do something strenuous you have already built up some strength.
So it is with Focusing; as you practice, the facility of 'felt sensing' will come more easily to you.
Having said that, sometimes a felt sense does not come quickly, on demand.
It takes time for it to form.
In daily life, this is where it is helpful to take a pause.
Our rushed society does not allow for this pausing, so it is sometimes known as the 'revolutionary pause.
' You may need to create some space for this pausing, by saying, 'I just need to take a moment to be with this', or, 'I want to take that in, or, 'I'll get back to you on that one'.
When you get a moment, allow your attention to settle in your body and notice what comes there in relation to 'all of that'.
Getting an overall sense of the 'whole thing' can bring more than what you already know.
It can also bring to light any subtle misgivings you may have.
You can acknowledge any feelings you may have.
This may take a few minutes, but a lot can happen in that time.
You get a fuller, more refined sense of the intricacy and complexity of the situation, and your response is more nuanced.
This is more valuable than if you had given a quick response.
You say that although you feel comfortable with yourself, you sometimes feel locked into the past and remain unhealed with certain things or issues.
I am sure we all have unhealed pain from the past.
Focusing can help enormously.
On a day to day basis, you may recognise past issues that get triggered in current life situations.
I suggest that you give this more Focusing time than just a few minutes.
It is helpful if you can listen to the feelings with love and compassion.
Sense how it feels in the body and see if you can describe how it feels there.
Real healing can happen when you do this, and keep it close company without judging it, sensing for how it feels from its point of view.
I recommend that you work with a good listening partner, rather than attempting to Focus on your own, when it comes to working with deeper issues or past pain.
A good Companion can support Presence in you, by being present themselves.
They also help you to identify blind spots and notice when something in you has an agenda, which can slow the process down.
You might need many Focusing sessions, returning to it again and again.
Over a period of time, painful things from the past do ease and release their hold on us.
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