Celebrating Your Victories is Important

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Joy is one of the most sensational things to experience.
It fills you up with light and charges the air around you with such energy, that you can barely contain it.
You can feel as though you could throw your heart high over the moon.
Joy in victory is especially important because that joy affirms the truth that has led you to that victory.
It reinforces your belief that you did right and that you achieved something worth achieving.
So why keep it to yourself.
Share it with other people.
Let other people experience that energy and feel the elation.
Inspire them to seek their own truths and follow their own passions - generate a huge energy field of purpose and determination to make the world a better place.
What about those of us who are reluctant to express our joy because of the way other people may react - not everyone has the capacity to share happiness and may even resent what you've achieved.
They may knock your success.
Belittle it.
So what? Why would you want to check your emotions in order not to make someone else feel bad? "If we let our own light shine," as Marianne Williamson said, "we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
" Take the risk.
Let it out.
Share that exultation with the world because your energy can only enhance the lives of those around you.
And if others aren't yet ready or able to share that joy, then know in your heart that your inspiration will seed itself in their hearts to help them make the choice to do the same one day in the future.
Celebrating your achievements isn't only about experiencing that profound joy, it's also about honouring the struggles you have had and the challenges you have overcome to get to that place.
You are truly a hero for reaching your goal, and that energy now flooding out of you will buoy you up and sustain you in your quest for the even bigger vision that you'll now see on the horizon.
Own your achievements.
Remind yourself that it was you who took the first step.
You were the one who made that choice to set your eyes to the horizon and follow your vision.
You did that.
You made it happen.
And you achieved victory.
Life is a celebration, and to add more energy to that burning light will benefit the world in so many ways.
So go for it.
Cry, laugh, shout, dance.
See your energy light up other people's journeys and watch it inspire and spark.
Let your whole life be a celebration.
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