Will You Shrink Or Expand

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I learned something early on in my life as a result of an amazing mentor I had.
It was my lead guitarist in my band when I was 19 that taught me a secret that not only has stayed with me - it has become a Principle that is now the way I operate.
It is a central key to my success.
And I'm going to reveal it to you here..
Why do you think some people successful and some people aren't? Why do some artists become famous while others live lives of frustration, never getting where they should rightfully be? It's definitely more than talent (although talent is a given) and more than organizational skills (although without them one will surely fail on this path)...
Ready? It's mindset thing.
Your mindset will make or break you.
It's the mindset that my guitarist taught me..
I call it the Shrink or Expand Principle.
Here's an example of this at work - I'll share with you a story of an up and coming artist that I recently met with - see if you recognize a little bit of yourself in her.
Just last week I met with an artist who has tremendous potential - she's talented, has an awesome voice, great image and clever songs.
She's been out there in the D I Y World and has managed to put some cool music together, gig in NYC and make a little bit of a name for herself.
She came to me because she feels she isn't making the progress she needs - is tired of going it alone, exhausted from spinning her wheels.
She's ready to get serious about getting out there in a big way.
We connected instantaneously and had an awesome conversation about her future.
We talked about how easy it is for artists to get overwhelmed and end up beaten down by the enormous effort required to get heard above the noise - especially if you're out there alone and on your own.
As we talked more, I opened up a few ideas and paths that could bring some success her way.
Her eyes started to light up as I put her back in the driver's seat..
as I revealed to her that she was still operating from an old mindset that her career was what "happened to her" and that she didn't have control - that she was in fact still waiting for someone to come along to make it happen for her (old paradigm).
As we discussed the new mindset - the new music business - the many ways in which artists are creating success (new paradigm - artists are more pro-active)and expanded her possibilities - her energy was renewed and her eyes got wider and fuller with excitement and light.
She came to see that with a little work, if she laid the right groundwork, built a team and followed the right strategy for her and her music, her dreams could actually - might actually - come true - but that she needed help and guidance, like any new business out there on their own would.
All this in one hour.
In just one hour of our time together we created a new possibility for her future - a tangible sense that she could possibly create the life she dreamed of (operative word here is create).
We ended our time together on a positive note and that we would follow up in a few days and set out working together.
And then...
I got an email that said..
"Thank you so much.
I had an amazing session with you and I know that we are destined to work together - I know that you can help me get to where I want to go - there's just one little problem - my parents were going to help me with this, but they don't see the value and I can't convince them - what am I going to do?" I replied, "Dearest Songbird - You have to think about what it could cost you if you don't.
" And, I said, "There's a theory I call the 'Expanding Principle.
' It holds the key to your future.
The difference in the artists that are creating success out there is that they have learned something that you haven't yet learned - it's something I teach to all of my students - and I'm going to teach it to you right now.
And that is - The Expanding Principle - which is when one is faced with the opportunity to grow, it usually requires that you risk something - and when faced with a decision like this, I've found it's always best to expand instead of shrink - and that is scary.
" BTW - R.
to me stands for being a REALLY INCREDIBLE SCARED shirtless KICK ASS...
Which translates to: getting scared out of your mind, taking the gigantic leap and crossing the bridge by staring your fear in the face (watch it dissolve) and Step Up to a New more powerful You.
That becoming successful requires spending more than you want to - investing in yourself - and it's that very action that makes you step up to your success (along with a strategy and a team of people who believe in you).
Truth is: fear comes up because it's scary to step up outside of your comfort zone.
But only for a little bit...
and the more you do it, you can transcend in minutes - instead of hours, months or even years.
And then you step into a New You...
a bolder, stronger You...
who is now further along than she ever was before.
So for the interim she'll enroll in my Step Up to the Spotlight Online Program and I'm holding out hope.
I have a sneaking suspicion she'll keep growing, keep expanding and turn her ship around - discover how Big she can really Be...
I know she can (her light is too darn bright) - but hopefully in months instead of years.
Sometimes it just takes someone who can see who you could be - what you're capable of and will hold that space for you long enough that you can step into it...
convince yourself that you can do it.
Truth is - the tendency to Shrink is a normal reaction when you Step Up.
It's what happens when we are afraid of our own bigness - our very light...
what if we're wrong? What if you do all this work - invest all this time and energy and you don't succeed? What then? Do you think anyone who is successful out there as an artist hasn't had to stand at the foot of that bridge a gazillion times? The difference is - the ones that do instead of not - is that they learned how to Expand instead of Shrink.
The Expanding Principle.
So - for those of you who are ready to Step up to the Big Time - to Grow - Expand into your Bigness - the question I want you to ask yourself is - not how much does it cost (to get the right coaching and guidance to make you successful)...
The question to ask is...
What will it cost you not to? Try the Expanding Principle - what do you really have to lose? It might save you some precious time too.
Remember - you're in the driver's seat!
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