G Is For Goals: Setting Attainable, Challenging, and Assessible Goals

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Please join me for a fun series.
My mission, and I've chosen to accept it, is to write a post based on each letter of the alphabet.
The English major inside of me is very excited about this project...
and my inner nerd is even more fired up! Keep checking back as I tackle the intangibles of sport...
from A to Z.
If you typed "goal setting" into an internet search engine, you'd get over sixty-eight million results in less than a second.
Life is all about goals.
Whether it is to graduate from college within a certain time period, to get married by a particular benchmark, or even earn your first million dollars at a specific age...
life truly is all about setting, achieving, and resetting goals.
I think can be a great gift that we give to our student-athletes which they'll use in both their professional and personal lives for years to come.
Here's a 3 step process to successfully set goals Attainable.
I'm sure a lot of you have heard of S.
The letters stand for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based.
These are the criteria that all of our goals should have.
Setting goals without having a process to assess whether or not the goals have been met isn't productive.
And isn't that the whole purpose of goals...
to make us more productive? While researching this post, I found out that someone has already thought of that and came up with S.
goals, with the E standing for evaluate and the R standing for reevaluate.
I typically have my team leaders run the goal setting session.
A few of the guiding principles are: everyone contributes to the conversation, the goal has to require "the team" to accomplish, and it has to be measurable.
Those rules apply whether they've got three goals or twenty.
I'm sure you're reading that and thinking that's not very challenging...
I'd disagree! Getting a team of opinionated individuals to all voice their opinion, agree on what "challenging" is, understand the difference between personal and team goals, and make the goal measurable is a task in itself.
Our college has been pretty focused on assessment lately.
If your institution is anything like mine, a common phrase is, "oh, we already do that" when asked.
Are you recruiting a diverse student body? Oh, we already do that.
Are you putting the students first? Oh, we already do that.
Whatever the question, the answer is always: oh, we already do that.
The big dogs on campus answered quite simply, "that's awesome...
prove it!".
Hence the assessments.
I can say I'm the queen of England, but no one is going to believe me unless I've got some concrete evidence.
Setting measurable goals will make assessing their viability much easier.
Athletes and coaches are goal driven by nature.
Let's be sure to inform our athletes about the goal setting process so that it's a skill that they're able to use after their time with us is finished.
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