From the Inside Out

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Will you listen to those that are hurting? Do you really care about those around you that have been devastated by life? Do you see through that fake smile, the mask and the fa├žade that people only let us see? Do we take the time to notice how others truly feel inside? I recently prayed that I would be able to see folk the way that God sees them.
I wanted to see their hurts, depression, loneliness, hurts, shame, guilt, hopelessness and so on.
My prayer was answered; He showed me myself.
It was a life changing experience.
To be able to now see and understand so much of the 'why I am the way I am,' was life changing.
I will not make excuses for the way I have been or the way I am, but I will make the changes that need to be made.
The only way I can do it is through unconditional love.
Love from the Father and from those close to me; mainly my wife.
I know she loves me unconditionally.
The focus now shifts to those around me.
To be able to understand others hurts is crucial to me.
For me not to be too busy, too preoccupied that I can't take the time to understand someone's true feelings.
For the most part we do try to cover them up so we aren't exposed.
We don't want others to think we are weak.
There is nothing weak about it.
I choose this day to show unconditional love to those I come in contact with every day.
No agenda, no motive, no selfish reason; just the fact that is why we are here.
I will show compassion to others.
I say all these because I know you can too.
It is why we are all here.
We are to show one another unconditional love.
Take the time to examine yourself and then you will be able to see others in a different and clear way as well.
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