Decision Making

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This is my favourite question whenever I speak to people about decision making.
Imagine yourself to be a train driver! You come to a point where the railway track is split into 2 tracks; 1 which is defunct and the other which is the functional one.
You notice that on the defunct track a child is playing while on the active track there are 15 children playing.
What will you do & why? Most people say that they will take the train to the defunct track and not the live one.
Reason - well, they would like to save 15 lives against 1.
I just laugh at them! My answer to this scenario is - I will take my train to the live track.
I have good reasons for that.
First and foremost, think about the lonely child playing on the defunct track.
It is probably playing there because it knows the track is not being used and can therefore play there without worrying about the train.
If the train were to be taken onto the defunct track, the child will lose its life for no fault of its own.
The second reason is even more logical.
The train will be carrying hundreds to thousands of passengers.
I you take the train to the defunct track, chances are that the train may be derails, which will risk the lives of all passengers in the train.
So, in the end, you might end up killing more people that you wanted to save.
Life is all about taking tough decisions.
Whether you are talking about personal life or professional life, if you are not able to take decisions pragmatically and quickly, you end up losing far more than you can think of.
We are not here to win popularity contests; therefore, tough decisions have to be taken.
Key to decision making is to think from the head and not from heart.
The moment you start think from the heart, you stop being practical.
Emotions take priority and you end up in a soup!
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