Hypnosis - The Magic of Dreaming

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Have you ever really thought about dreaming? The real magic of dreams? What an incredible natural occurrence it is.
Every night, whether we choose to or not, without any effort on our part, we dream.
We may not remember anything at all about it, but still we dream.
Our brains, unbidden by us, make up limitless scenarios through which we live in our dream state.
The other extraordinary thing is that there's a hidden pattern tied to every dream.
Actually, the dream's there because of this pattern in the first place.
As we've noted before, we dream during the Rapid Eye Movement (R.
) of sleep, which happens about every 90 minutes throughout the night.
is noted in hypnosis, and it's during the trance, during the R.
that the therapist, or we ourselves if we're practicing self-hypnosis, re-programme emotional or instinctive responses.
Indeed, hypnosis is synonymous with R.
Now, since we do dream, and considering we spend up to 2 hours in every 24 dreaming, then there must be something important about this phenomena.
I mean, nature wouldn't give us this ability, (or curse!), just to have a bit of fun, would it? And of course it isn't just we humans who dream.
Animals do, too.
We've all seen the old dog by the fire suddenly start to twitch and whimper, or pusscat obviously mouse hunting.
Talking about pusscat, if we feed it every day, it isn't using its hunting instinct, but during R.
this ability is being re-programmed back into the animal.
We've seen that people with depression dream at least 6 hours a night, which is why they're so exhausted in the morning.
Another interesting point is that if we didn't dream, we'd go insane.
If that's the only reason we dream, to keep us out of the rubber room, the dreaming's served its purpose.
But of course there's a great deal more to it than that.
People of the ancient world were convinced that dreams could foretell the future and that during the night, when we dreamed, we had out of body experiences, that we left our earthly bodies behind and flew through entirely different dimensions, no doubt meeting all sorts of interesting people.
Freud was under the impression that when you dreamed, you were being presented with your secret desire.
Well, I suppose that's as good as most theories - until you realize that even birds dream.
Somehow, I doubt that the old crow, stretched out on a nice, comfy branch, is having erotic fantasies during his R.
state about the nice little number that lives in the adjoining oak tree! But, who knows? However, I think that we can safely discount that theory.
There have been many others, but only one holds up under scrutiny.
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