How to Focus on Creativity in a Busy World

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If you are like me you have so many things you'd love to start or complete but never have the time.
You may feel overwhelmed and frustrated either by the lack of free time or by people you come into contact with everyday who may drain you of creativity and zap your energy.
I seek to overcome these obstacles and share my insight with others.
Organization is perhaps the best way to begin changing our outlook on time management.
Too many projects starting at once will not help or expedite the end result we all want to achieve.
Not everyone can focus or organize in the same way and arrive at the same goal.
With that said, I want to explore many different options.
Some may work for you.
Future articles may work in conjunction to these.
For those of you who feel overwhelmed easily like myself I will suggest using a journal and eliminating as much as possible during the first two weeks you use it.
Jot down everything you want to do for the day alongside all that you need to do.
Prioritize them by number and start completing the top two things you need to finish that day.
Reward yourself my allowing the smallest project you'd like to complete and begin working on it.
Once you've checked off three things from this list you will get a sense of accomplishment.
Sometimes this is all I need to feel like I've gotten my thoughts and chores together.
Using an actual paper journal has helped me stay focused on so many levels.
A great example of this is when I have a great idea for a project during the day at my full time job.
Before writing the "great idea" down in my journal I would forget it before there was free time to focus on it.
If you're like me you probably have had numerous ideas that were so great that you thought they couldn't possibly be forgotten.
Sadly even some of the best, most inspiring ideas will be forgotten.
On a side note, side notes don't work either.
By this I mean scraps of paper or post-it notes.
You will loose them! By taking that extra few seconds to open a journal or notebook to jot down a complete thought or idea you are giving it the respect it deserves.
Another great reason I've been sticking to my journal is because it has allowed me to organize my thoughts in a more efficient way.
Rather than having scattered thoughts or forgotten moments of brilliance my plans so to speak are streamlined.
For an artist this is no small feat.
I've been finding these thought processes to be wonderful tools which keep specific projects in the forefront while those other ideas remain, documented for another time and not forgotten.
Since I've used this method I've been able to work on one thing at a time since I don't feel the guild of possibly forgetting something good.
I also don't feel as rushed because the simple act of writing ideas down carefully makes me feel like that project is as good as started.
I hope that by sharing this, others can find the same sense of relief and organization I've been finding.
There are more drastic measures you can take to clear your mind and refocus on creativity.
This works for me and several friends of mine too.
Step one involves spending at least one full day clearing out drawers, closets and other storage areas.
Getting rid of and donating some unused clutter leaves me with a liberated and powerful feeling.
It puts my mind at ease and I begin to feel more comfortable at home.
This almost always leads to very productive creative time.
If there is no time left than I look forward to a restful night of sleep.
The nest day can be completely devoted to my art.
This may not be a new approach but it is often overlooked, underrated or forgotten.
It's time to bring it back.
What better time to consider this than December? As we all pack away our ornaments, trees and other space hogs we will also inevitably have the opportunity to determine what to keep.
Forget spring cleaning constraints and use post holiday time to thoroughly enjoy sorting out long forgotten storage areas.
Afterward, sit back, relax and enjoy your hard work.
Oh, and don't forget to keep your journal handy to write down future projects now that the grunt work is complete.
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