Lesson Learned From A Magazine Stand

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I was inside the 711 store to buy something for brunch.
My eyes started to search for the perfect aisle with great foods to fill my hungry stomach.
While I was browsing each stand with breads and cookies and tunas and instant noodles, I saw this magazine stand with some latest and catchy magazine covers available for this month.
I started picking some magazines, and started those that captured my being and caught my attention.
I forgot that the reason why I was in that store is to buy something to eat.
As I continue checking the covers of the magazines, I realized that I really cannot open and check what's inside.
All I can do is to read and see the table of contents or titles of each pages on the front cover of those magazines and then try to think and guess if the story is good or maybe not.
The only way to feed my curiosity is to buy one and read.
From the very top portion of the magazine stands lined up the very known magazine in the land.
There's a lot of choices actually.
Its up to you what type of magazine would you like to buy.
If your into something that captures your romantic and sensual being then there's a great magazine that fits your personality.
If your into fashion and healthy living, one is also available for you on that stand.
A lot of choices.
Different types of magazines.
Different types of genre.
Its up to you which one would you choose.
If its something that satisfy your mind or your inner soul.
I was standing in that magazine stand probably half an hour.
Since my stomach started to murmur about me not paying attention to him, I immediately wake up from my senses and get the food I need and went home.
When I arrived home, I started thinking about the magazines I saw a while back.
I can't imagine that a very great lesson is laid again before my very eyes.
I imagine that magazine stands is just the same with different people we meet every single day.
Every people that come into our lives are like those in the magazine stand.
You don't know the personality of the person and you don't have any idea how they think and feel and how they will react to certain things or issues.
You don't know if they are for real or for reel.
Some of them will reveal their personality upfront and some of them will just let you show their cover.
You will meet people that will get your attention or that will interest you.
At first, you think that they are interesting and that they are also interested to you, but as soon as you start reading and understand and know them, you'll find out that its just a facade of what they truly are.
Different types of people.
Different types of magazine.
Different personality.
Different characteristic.
In choosing a friend or someone to be with you.
It needs your full attention, its not just because they are covered well and that their appearance looks like someone that could launch a thousand ships.
Physical covering is not that important.
What matters is if that person is someone who will teach you something valuable, something that you will treasure forever.
Remember that good things in this world are not something that can be seen, its something that can be heard, felt and then learn from it.
Its something that you feel inside.
In making friends, choose wisely.
Go for someone that will give you worth.
Its like reading a good book that really catches the deeper sense in you.
Do not give out your all for someone whom you just know.
Keep reading and continue knowing that person.
Its better to have real and great friends than wasting time from people who is not worthy of your friendship.
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