Make Success Real by Building New Positive Habits Now!

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Most of us tend do things that are familiar to us.
For example, we tend do things that we are 'used' to doing.
These are called habits! Habits actually guide our daily life-styles and makes it easier for us to perform day to day tasks.
You habitually brush your teeth after you wake up in the morning and you habitually put your clothes on.
It is very unlikely that your going to wake up tomorrow without brushing your teeth and walk in the middle of the road naked.
Your mind's ability to learn habits and automatically execute them is a very beneficial quality you already possess as a human being, because you don't have to re-learn how to do 'common' tasks every-time you encounter them.
However, there are also bad habits that we have which don't serve us.
For example; Do you habitually let people down? Do you habitually lie? Do you habitually feel bad about yourself on a daily basis? Do you habitually stay away from positive opportunities - that could potentially transform the quality of your life? These type of limiting habits keep us from creating the success we deserve! Habits represent, whatever has become 'familiar' to you - over a particular period of time! Meaning, whatever you do over and over again, eventually becomes 'familiar' to you in your life and starts to become a habit.
People usually stay away from making positive changes because 'changes' are 'unfamiliar' to them.
Others tend to be caught in the trap of what's 'familiar' to them, and don't break through fears to create success, hence the expression 'Your stuck in your ways!' The' unfamiliar' is actually a good thing though, it's taking the opportunities to experience more possibility, more happiness and more success that allows you to break free into new 'unfamiliar' levels of abundance.
Human beings are generally afraid of the 'unfamiliar' as it causes uncertainty, but the unfamiliar is actually the place you need to start diving into more often, especially if you want to improve the quality of your life and create new habits that serve you.
Take a first-time skydiver for example; They want to jump, but uncertainty strikes them with fear of what might happen, but soon they build up that much needed courage to take action and begin getting the results of more freedom, greater accomplishment and new thrilling experiences.
If you don't have that dream job yet, it's because you need to step into the unfamiliar, something new that will increase your success.
If you are un-happy it's because you are 'familiar' with feeling sad and haven't yet stepped into the 'unfamiliar' to create new levels of happiness! The 'unfamiliar' basically means, what you have YET to experience for yourself! It is impossible to say that an 'opportunity' to venture into something new is bad (or doesn't work) if you haven't yet experienced it (or tried it) for yourself! The goal here is to venture into these new opportunities and to step into the 'unfamiliar' long enough, so you can make the 'unfamiliar' - familiar in ways that serve you! Just like learning new habits, you should start practising how to feel good, learn how to become more capable and practice how to manifest success to create the results you want! Start building new habits and start stepping into 'unfamiliar' situations in your life.
Whether if you want to lose weight to start feeling good about yourself, become more social-able, feel more motivated and create the business success you want! By building new positive habits they'll start to serve you automatically in your daily life! Build new habits that expand towards greater peaks of success.
And make WHAT you want to achieve in your life, more 'familiar' to you from this moment on, by doing things that are unfamiliar to you starting from today! Make the positive 'unfamiliar' - more familiar to you to achieve your future success.
All the best,
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