It Only Takes One

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Checking the bird feeder hanging off our third floor window I noticed that the seed had not yet been touched, and I said to myself, "It only takes one.
" I know because a few years ago we had two bird feeders.
One was very visible in the middle of our yard.
Within hours birds (and squirrels) had found it and we had to fill it every day.
The other feeder was the same one we have now, a small plastic one sitting on a window where I could see the birds while working on the computer.
Weeks went by and then one day I saw a bird fly by and notice the feeder in its peripheral vision.
It stopped, turned around, looked again and flew off.
I believe I heard her say, "Hello...
what's this? Food without the frenzy.
" Within minutes it was back with a few friends.
From that day on we had a group of birds at both feeders.
I have noticed that people are like birds.
We flock.
Sometimes we dress alike.
Have you noticed the flocks of people in their wetsuits riding the waves (surf birds), or in bike gear riding the road (bike birds), or dressed up and dancing together (dance birds), or school uniforms and learning together (school birds) or business dress and working together (work birds)? Once I forgot something at the office so on Sunday morning I went back to get it.
In the predawn light the glass walls of the office building reflected perfectly the surroundings of trees and sky.
A variety of birds were sitting on the ground near the entrance.
Periodically one would fly directly at the building, bump into the wall and try again.
It was painful to watch.
I said, "Stop!" They didn't hear me and continued to take turns bumping into the walls.
The next morning the birds were gone, but now in the post dawn light a variety of humans were entering the building.
Some dallied, some strode, some kissed loved ones good-bye, some were burdened with bags and brief cases, some walked with a cell phone in their hand or at their ear.
Some looked happy, some looked sad, and some appeared apathetic or bored.
We were flocking.
And I wondered if the birds were better off failing to enter the building.
We all enter buildings every day, whether it is a solid structure or a thought building.
We enter without thinking.
Everyone is "eating" there.
It is easy to enter a worldview building and forget there is another source of food.
But it only takes one.
One person to remember that Love is not condensed in how "it is supposed to be".
One person to remember that Infinite Mind is all and that the rest is simply a dreamer dreaming and not Reality.
Just one.
We can continue to enter those buildings, continue to do the work in them that serves others and expresses the One, but NOT enter the worldview.
We could stop taking the easy way of eating at the open feeder where everyone else is eating.
We could remember who we are.
We could hear that still small voice and see the symbols of Truth, even if it is only out of our peripheral vision.
And then we could go to that Truth and eat there instead.
The bird took the time to "tell" her friends what she had discovered.
Although obviously I wasn't with her when she told her bird friends, but I bet that she told many more birds than believed her.
I also noticed that she was not behind them chirping and pushing them along.
She led.
And if they followed great, if they didn't, that was OK too.
I know each of you is that one.
I know that we could flock together in this awareness and gently remind each other when we forget and become memorized by the worldview, that there is a Truth that shines impartially and fully.
We could flock together in the Truth of One that is lighting the way instantly banishing any darkness in any life.
We could stop taking sides in the worldview and stay in the Truth there is only One and it is Love.
We could be the one leading thought to the One.
It's only takes one, and that One is you.
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