Make Sewing Patterns For Fashion Design

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Making sewing patterns has become a very popular way to give vent to your creative fashion urges. But how do you this? There are some who have tried sewing before. But for a lot of fashion conscious ladies today, sewing is a difficult enterprise. We dont have the time to do such a painstaking task by ourselves anymore. While some of us still find the courage to make our own dresses, most are in a fix when it comes to designing their own patterns.

But creating unique sewing patterns is something that you should try once in a while. It is a lot of fun and it helps to create unique dresses. After all, why should you go for the standard patterns when the dress is your own? Fashion pattern making not only makes your dress shine above the rest; it also does not have the flaws that the standard patterns have.

Standard Patterns- Flaws

You might wonder what these flaws are. Well for starters, they are widely available. Almost anybody can avail them. What is the use of putting in so much time and effort on your dress if it is going to look like the several others in the market? By unique sewing pattern making you can take your newly sewed dress one notch higher. You will be making a complete dress all by yourself! Imagine that!

Next time somebody asks you who the designer of your dress is, you can proudly say your name. The other extreme flaw to the standard dress patterns is that they are almost never made to fit a size. You will have to cut them accordingly to fit your size. Plus if the patterns are not chosen properly, they might not look good on your dress form. This is because pattern designs rely heavily on a lot of factors such as body measurement, garment type and so on.

Therefore it is always a wise idea to make your own sewing patterns. With the new improvements in this field, it has also become possible to create exciting new patterns even if you have never sewn in your life before. All you need is a pattern drafting system (like the Lutterloh), two important curves, the Designers and the Tailors and a sewing gauge. The Lutterloh pattern drafting system gives you exciting new ideas to make new patterns with the help of the book, The Golden Rule.

This system has been in use since the 1930s and has been specially devised for home sewers. By looking at the book you can get hold of several diagrams which you can expand to full size to make new patterns. The Designers Curve and Tailors Curve are the two singularly important fashion pattern tools that you need to have in your arsenal if you want to create the perfect dress.

With the help of these two curves, you can get the perfect design and the right fit. Both these curves have international standards and are used by the best fashion designers. They are not only cost effective but also very easy to use. A sewing gauge helps to bring these elements together and create the perfect pattern for your dress. So what are you waiting for? Start making sewing patterns today!
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