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Breakfast Ideas for One Year Olds

One-year-old children are ready for a variety of nutritious breakfast foodsfeeding a child image by NiDerLander from Fotolia.comBy the time they are one year old, most infants are getting used to having solid foods in their diet, relying less on milk for their nutritional needs. Breakfast...

Remedies for Baby Earache

Babies get earaches for many reasons: trauma, irritants, colds, viruses, allergies and infections. If you suspect your baby has an ear infection, especially if he is younger than 6 months, your pediatrician will probably treat the ache with antibiotics to be on the safe side. But even if your baby i

Toddler Bed and Baby Crib Safety Tips

Many parents are unaware of the danger that can come from their child's toddler bed and baby crib. There are some tips that parents should be informed of, in order to reduce these types of ...

How to Treasure God's Gift

Every people in the Earth and even from the outer space are our God's creation. And as a creation of God we are important. Not only people but for all those nonliving things as well.

Ideas for Consequence & Reward Calendars

Classrooms and families often use consequence-and-reward calendars to help children learn the positive benefits of good behavior. Many options exist for these types of calendars and most options depend on the age of the children. Consequences and rewards should be age appropriate.

Baby Crib Safety

The baby's sleeping environment should be a safe zone for a good night's sleep. Parents should invest time and research in the purchase and set-up of the baby's crib in the nursery. The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued guidelines for baby crib safety.

Easy Potty Training - Helping You Train Faster

Does easy potty training sound like something you would be interested in? How about easy potty training that is also quick, does that sound even better? The good news is that you can learn to potty train your child in 1-3 days and no I don't mean strapping your child to the potty for 3 days str

What Herbs & Spices Can Be Added to Baby Foods

Parents have long been advised to introduce a baby to solids with bland, seasoning-free foods, but many health experts are now recognize the benefits of introducing infants to flavorful herbs and spices at a young age.

Games to Teach Toddlers Colors

Toddlers begin to notice colors around 18 months, according to Baby Center, even if they are not yet able to identify colors on their own. Teaching colors to toddlers can be a challenging task for parents and early childhood educators, especially if the toddler seems uninterested or unwilling to lea

The Practices Associated With Attachment Parenting

'Attachment parenting' is a phrase originally created by Dr. William Sears, who described this particular parenting style in line with attachment theory's key ideas. In line with the attachment theory, there's a powerful emotional link between the kid and the parent and / or guar

Organize Your Toddler - Are You Kidding!?

Kids need to know their limits. Your toddler may not necessarily like the limits you place on them to begin with, as they become more independent and try to push the boundaries as they grow up, but if they know what you will and won't accept it makes a big difference to your sanity. Be consiste

How to Write a Letter Requesting a Specific Teacher

As a parent or caregiver, you are likely the person who is most familiar with your child's learning style. By requesting a teacher who suits the student's needs, you can help facilitate a rewarding classroom experience. Each school district has its own rules on submitting requests for a specific tea

How to Prescribe Behavior to Prevent Child Meltdown

Do you have a child who doesn't do well with transitions? Does your child have a meltdown at the slightest provocation or change in schedule? Does your child kick, punch, destroy property, swear, and runaway when angry? These meltdowns are especially common in children who suffered early trauma thro

Turn Down the Emotional Volume

It's hard not to get angry or upset when your child is acting defiant, manic or aggressive. For many kids with special needs that influence their behavior, however, that outburst of anger can make things far, far worse. Turn down the emotional volume to bring your child back in tune.

Games to Encourage Early Reading in Babies

Parents, caregivers and educators have recently realized that babies are capable of learning much more than we once thought was possible. This includes babies being able to read, to communicate through sign language and being able to learn many foreign languages through early exposure. By incorporat