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Learn And Memorize German

If you want to learn the German language as a second language, you will need to go to Germany to learn the language altogether. That's what they do back when there's no internet, back when accessibility is difficult. Nowadays, if you want to learn the German language or even other language

Climb Out of the "All Work and No Play" Trap

You've probably heard the old proverb "all work and no play make Jack a dull boy." What exactly does this saying mean? It simply means that if you never take time off from work, you'll become a bored and boring person. This article examines the importance of setting aside some ti

Printed Labels - Using Them to Organize Your Home

Printed labels can be useful for both home and office use. If you never printed your own labels before, then you may not be aware of exactly how they can help you get organized. However, if you utilize them properly they can help you get your life in better order and help work out clutter in your ho

It Only Takes One

Checking the bird feeder hanging off our third floor window I noticed that the seed had not yet been touched, and I said to myself, "It only takes one." I know because a few years ago we had two bird feeders. One was very visible in the middle of our yard.

How To Come To Be A Superior Leader

Leadership is one of the more foremost all around skills for one to pursue. A great number of times amid our life we will discover ourselves surprisingly put in a setting where we are instructed to survey and guide people, and it is foremost to comprehend how to respond in order to earn the biggest

Positive Affirmations For a Difficult Child

How can children with negative beliefs which limit them benefit from this Personal Development for Children series? How often do we hear children with a challenge or situation in front of them say they can't do something?

Can Focusing Help When I Sometimes Feel Locked Into the Past?

Although I feel comfortable with myself, I sometimes feel locked into the past and remain unhealed with certain things or issues. I would like to find a way were I am grounded in my body and supported by my environment, but I have trouble at times with my felt sense or I don't always recognise


Bullying thrives on and creates a lot of 'Self-Bullying.'Self-Bullying is bullying of the self. This is where you yourself can become the bully. You can bully yourself through your thoughts.T

From the Inside Out

Will you listen to those that are hurting? Do you really care about those around you that have been devastated by life? Do you see through that fake smile, the mask and the facade that people only let us see? Do we take the time to notice how others truly feel inside?

Checklist For Establishing Goals

Goals must be set in advance! Determine your direction accordingly.When you consider setting goals in your life, you are much like the captain of a ship. You have the vast area of the sea of your life before you. You have the ship of your abilities, potentials and desires to carry you to your destin

Make Sewing Patterns For Fashion Design

Making sewing patterns has become a very popular way to give vent to your creative fashion urges. But how do you this? There are some who have tried sewing before. But for a lot of fashion conscious ladies today, sewing is a difficult enterprise.

Lesson Learned From A Magazine Stand

I was inside the 711 store to buy something for brunch. My eyes started to search for the perfect aisle with great foods to fill my hungry stomach. While I was browsing each stand with breads and cookies and tunas and instant noodles, I saw this magazine stand with some latest and catchy magazine co